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Are Leg Ropes Sold Online Separately To Surfboards?

Are Leg Ropes Sold Online Separately To Surfboards?

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Are Leg Ropes Sold Online Separately To Surfboards?

In any system that has multiple parts, there’s usually one part that fails more than other parts, or that needs replacing for other reasons. Old-style vacuum cleaners have bags, cooker hoods have filters, cars have spark plugs – all things that eventually need to be replaced or swapped out.

With surfboards, the ‘weakest part’ is usually considered to be the surfing leg rope. While there are some unfortunate souls who regularly damage fins or who damage their boards frequently, most people find that their leg ropes are the weakest link.

What Are Leg Ropes?

Leg ropes, also known as leashes, are an often overlooked and under-appreciated part of the surfing setup. They’re an essential safety aid, for both the surfer and those around them. If you wipe out, a leash will keep you tethered to your board – meaning you can use it as a flotation aid, get back to the board quickly, and also reduce the risk of injuring others with an out-of-control board.

It’s important to choose a robust, good-quality leash that’s appropriately sized. For all the good that a leg rope can do, if it snaps or gets tangled up while you’re surfing it could put you, or those around you, at risk.

Buying Leg Ropes Online

Some surfers take pride in going out on the water without a leash, and their motivation isn’t always just showing off. Surfers who have only ever owned a stock board and leg rope may feel that the ropes just get in the way. What good is a leash if it becomes a restraint too, and causes more accidents than it prevents?

Fortunately, there are many surfboard leashes on the market that are far superior to those stock leashes; ones in which you can hardly tell you are actually wearing one, giving surfers freedom to move without getting tangled up, and increasing the confidence they feel in their boards. The top-rated leashes are strong, durable, and are designed to stay in place on your ankle without getting tangled.

There’s even a trend towards environmentally friendly leashes, such as the Eco Leash. This features a cuff and rail made from recycled nylon and neoprene, and the tether itself is also recycled, reducing the carbon footprint that goes into making it.

It’s natural to wonder whether a recycled leg rope is a good choice or not – after all, you need the rope to be able to withstand the stresses of day to day use, and a recycled piece might not. The manufacturers of the eco leash have extensively tested it, however, and each part is reliable.

What’s more, the parts are interchangeable, so if one component breaks it can be removed and replaced, saving you money on replacing an entire leash, and doing your bit to protect the environment too.

Should You Buy Replacement Leg Ropes Online?

If you have a surfboard and you aren’t happy with the leash that came with it, or you’ve damaged your leash and need a new one, don’t waste money replacing the entire board, and don’t worry about getting exactly the leash that came with the board you have. For the most part, leashes are universal. 

You do need to choose the right size leash for the board that you have so that the rail saver sits over the rail and the leash is either the same length or only slightly longer than the board. Other than sizing concerns, however, any high-quality leash should suit your board.

The thickness of the leash does make a difference depending on the size of the waves that you typically surf, but for safety’s sake, a regular wave leash should be fine for most beginners.

Don’t be tempted to surf without a leash. Find a good replacement online, and stay safe out on the water.

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