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FK Lowrider Grip

The FK Lowrider Grip is a tail pad that gives you extra sensitive traction. The design features low 2.5mm high rectangles and grooves that are lower than most other traction patterns. This gives you a feeling that you are in contact with your board. When you press and shift weight you get sensitivity and your board instantly responds. In addition, deep side grooves act like ribs anchoring your foot on the side pieces as you push against them. The 3 piece design has two side pieces. You can expand these separately placing them closer to your board’s rails. So your narrow and wide tail boards get optimal coverage. The centre piece is relatively wide providing a good base for your foot. It has a high 10mm arch with Trident bar grooves so the inside of your foot will get great support and grip. This high arch will make you feel like you’re standing higher on your board.

The tail has a 26mm high kick so you can place the edge of your foot up against it and carve. The kick has a rolled top that will help your foot naturally slide down into the sweet spot at the front of the kick. There’s a semi-circle incut at the tail so you can place this grip close to the end of your board. The edges of the grip are rolled. This gives you better water flow and release. High-quality adhesive means the pad will stay put once applied. The pad has EVA construction so while providing great traction you get minimal irritation on your knee and thigh. 



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