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Know What to Buy in the Surf Shop – Differences of a Surfboard from a Shortboard

Know What to Buy in the Surf Shop – Differences of a Surfboard from a Shortboard - Beachin Surf

Peter Harris |


Ahoy all the amateur surfers out there! Are you still not confident about how to choose a surfboard or a shortboard? Have you been told a lot of pros and cons about both boards and are really confused about what to do?


Surfboards or longboards

As the name suggests, longboards are typically long or tall in height. The minimum height of these boards should be about 9 ft. There are also mid-length boards, but that’s not what we are going to talk about for now. Longboards will be taller than your height and will have rounder noses. They are best for mellower waves.

In short, longboards are meant for those who are learning to surf and have no experience in surfing at all. You can find a wide range of longboards in any surf shop where they are categorized according to the price, easy ride, and fast ride.

In addition to all these features, longboards also have 1 to 3 stringers that will run through the entire deck. This is done so that you get all the support while surfing through the water. If you are a newbie, it would be wise to opt for a longboard that has 3 stringers. Several longboards come without any stringers. They are for the professionals. So, try to avoid them if you have not gone pro yet.



Shortboards are more suitable for surfers who are veterans in this sport. These have a height less than 7 ft. While longboards are best for mellower waves, shortboards are meant for powerful waves. You will be able to duck the waves easily with these boards.

You have probably seen professional surfers going under the waves and getting in line with them. That is such a treat to the eyes, isn’t it? In most cases, shortboards do not have any stringers.

However, you can search in a surf shop for shortboards with stringers if you want added support.

These boards are quite lightweight. This helps to maneuver the board in the waves easily. Moreover, the surfing conditions are not the same every time. In addition to waves, you will have to counter the surfing conditions too.

Unlike longboards, shortboards have a pointed nose that helps to cut through the waves and ride fast. There are lots of tail shapes that you can get with shortboards such as a round tail, classic fish tail, bat tail, swallow tail, pin tail, and squash tails.


Pros of longboards

Now that you understand the differences between longboards and shortboards, let’s take a look into some of the benefits of using this board for surfing:

• They are the best surfing boards for beginners as they provide maximum stability and support.

• If you are looking to catch a wave quicker than the rest, then longboards will be the most suitable.

• If you are an amateur and need to gain some experience, this is best for riding through smaller waves.

• You get more space to do noserides and cross-steps.


Pros of shortboards

There are numerous reasons why professional surfers prefer shortboards over longboards. It’s not just the fact that longboards are meant for beginners, but there are several other reasons why professional surfers choose shortboards.. Here’s why:

• They are much more compact than longboards and also lightweight. This helps you to carry the board easily.

• If you are a veteran surfer, you will want to try new moves where you have to twist and turn along the waves. This is made possible when you have a shortboard. They have a pointed nose that allows you to cut through the waves easily.

• You get a wide range of fin setups that will help you dial while surfing. It is one of the most popular tricks performed by pro surfers. In fact, you can also duck dive more easily with shortboards than longboards.

• Lastly, these boards are suitable for hollow and fast waves. If you are not interested in the mellower waves, then get a shortboard and start surfing in the deeper parts of the sea.

If you want to understand the difference between surfboards and shortboards, it all comes down to one point really – whether you are an amateur or a professional. So, if you are searching for a reliable surf shop in Australia, you can shop from the website of Beachin Surf.

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