Wetsuits in Australia

Discover the Perfect Wetsuit for Your Surfing Adventure

At Beachin Surf, we're passionate about providing you with the ultimate wetsuit. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your surfing journey, we have the perfect wetsuit waiting for you. With a wide variety of wetsuits available online, we cater to men, women and kids, ensuring that everyone can ride the waves comfortably and confidently.

Our Wetsuit Range

Our extensive range includes rash shirts, spring suits, streamers, tops, vests, and more. We understand that your needs may vary depending on the time of year, so we've carefully curated our selection to cover you in all conditions. From the frigid depths of winter to the sunny days of summer, Beachin Surf has you covered.

Explore Premium Products from Iconic Brands

Choose from renowned brands like O'Neill, Billabong and Rip Curl, known for their innovative technology, superior warmth, and iconic design. Detailed product comparisons and customer reviews help you make an informed decision, so you can confidently add to your cart.

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Back Zip Wetsuits for Easy Entry

Say goodbye to the struggle of putting on your wetsuit. Our back zip wetsuits offer ultimate comfort, ease of entry, and unbeatable warmth. With a range of options, you may find yourself adding more than one suit to your cart.

Stay Warm with 3/2mm Wetsuits

Our 3/2mm wetsuits provide exceptional warmth without compromising flexibility or comfort. No matter how cold the water gets, you'll be ready to dive right in and enjoy the surf.

Unmatched Style and Function

For women, our wetsuits are not only about warmth and comfort but also about making a statement on the waves. Explore our range to find the wetsuit that complements your personality and performance needs.

Complete Your Look with Accessories

No wetsuit ensemble is complete without the right accessories. Keep your hands warm and your grip tight with our selection of gloves, designed to complement your wetsuit and provide a comprehensive cold-water defense system.

Shop Wetsuits Online in Australia

From your first wave to the last, Beachin Surf has your back. Whether you need a back zip wetsuit for easy entry, a 3/2mm suit for added warmth, or want to explore the best from O'Neill and Billabong, we've got the perfect wetsuit for your adventure.

Surf's up! Are you ready to catch the wave? Buy wetsuits online in Australia at Beachin Surf today and ride your way to an epic surf adventure!


G-Bomb 2.0 Long Sleeve 1Mm Jacket


Reactor 2 Ss 1.5Mm Wetsuit Jacket


Surf Vitals Jack Robinson 2Mm Jacket


Hyperfreak Front Zip Long Sleeve Wetsuit Jacket 2Mm


Boys Dawn Patrol Long Sleeve 2Mm Back Zip Short Leg Wetsuit


7 Seas 1Mm Long Sleeve Jacket


G-Bomb 2.0 Sleeveless 1Mm Wetsuit Spring


G-Bomb 2.0 Long Sleeve 1Mm Wetsuit Springsuit


7 Seas 2-2 Ls Spring


7 Seas 3-2 Full Chest Zip


High Seas Ii 3-2 Full Chest Zip


7 Seas Boys Raditude 3-2 Full Chest Zip


Youth Focus Cz Sealed Full 3/2Mm


W'S R1® Yulexâ® Front-Zip Full Suit


O'Riginal 2Mm Sleeveless Vest


M'S R1 Yulex Full Suit


Junior Omega 3/2Mm Steamer


Junior Dawn Patrol Short Sleeve 2/2Mm


Junior Girl G-Bomb 1Mm Back Zip Springsuit


Girls Bahia 3/2Mm Steamer


Girl'S Bahia Cz 3/2Mm Steamer


Wetsuits Online in Australia - FAQs

What types of wetsuits do you offer at Beachin Surf?

Our range caters to all surf enthusiasts, from mens’ and womens’ to girls’ and boys' suits. We offer back zip wetsuits for easy wear, 3/2mm wetsuits for superior warmth, and a variety of suits from well-known brands like O'Neill and Billabong.

What are back zip wetsuits?

Back zip wetsuits feature a zipper on the back for ease of entry and exit. This feature guarantees ultimate comfort and unmatched warmth, making your surfing experience much smoother.

What accessories are available to go with your wetsuits?

We offer a range of accessories including gloves, surf sunglasses, wetsuit cap hoods, surf backpack and more to pair with your wetsuit. Our range of accessories are the perfect companion to your ultimate aquatic adventure.

What is a 3/2mm wetsuit?

A 3/2mm wetsuit refers to the thickness of the suit. 3/2mm wetsuits offer incredible warmth without compromising on flexibility or comfort. They're ideal for water conditions that are a bit chilly and make your experience in the water a whole lot more fun.