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Why Is It Important To Wear A Wet Suit When Surfing?

Why Is It Important To Wear A Wet Suit When Surfing? - Beachin Surf

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Wearing a wet suit is recommended for surfers who want to stay warm and comfortable in the water. But many surfers who are beginners don’t know why it’s important to wear a wet suit. If you would like to learn more about why it is important to wear a wet suit when surfing, feel free to continue reading below as we discuss the following:

  • What is a wet suit?
  • Why is it important for surfers to wear wet suits?
  • Types of wet suits and what they’re used for
  • How to buy a wet suit that’s right for you 

What Is A Wet Suit?

A wet suit is a special type of protective clothing worn by people who participate in water sports such as surfing, scuba diving and kayaking. These suits are typically made from rubber or neoprene which makes them flexible while also providing protection against elements like the cold ocean currents that can cause hypothermia to occur quickly.

Why Is It Important For Surfers To Wear Wet Suits?

Surfers wear wet suits because of the dangers that come with being in cold water. Wet suit materials act as a second skin, trapping heat close to the body and preventing it from escaping into colder waters. This allows surfers to stay out on the water much longer during a chillier day without becoming too cold because of their suit’s insulation properties.

Another key reason that people wear these wetsuits has to do with buoyancy. When wearing the suit you will be floating on top of the water instead of sinking below it if your body temperature gets too low. This is due in large part to gravity pulling you down towards earth which leaves little opportunity for heat retention above freezing cold waters at sea level. 

Wearing a wet suit helps maintain core temperatures by trapping air inside as well as near the skin where external forces can’t affect them so easily without some kind of contact or friction from outside sources such as wind resistance.

In addition to providing warmth and buoyancy for surfers, they also protect them against cuts by reducing drag on their bodies as well as absorbing shocks when waves hit or slam them onto rocks below. Surfing is no walk in the park and the protection offered by a wet suit is essential!

Types Of Wet Suits And What They’re Used For

There are four main types of wet suits: full-length, shorty/jacket, dry suit and sleeveless wetsuit. A person’s level of experience in the water determines which type they choose when purchasing a new wet suit for themselves.

For example, beginner surfers will opt for either a full length or shorts style while more advanced surfers may be able to use any one of these varieties depending on their needs during different seasons at sea (i.e., wearing sleeves in colder weather). 

Wet suits can also range from being thin enough so that you feel free moving around without feeling constricted all over your body down towards just covering certain parts.

How To Buy A Wet Suit That’s Right For You 

Purchasing a wet suit can be simple and easy, or it can seem like an intimidating task. To make things easier for you, there are three main factors when trying out wetsuits: thickness/weight of material used), flexibility vs stability, and style preference. Some people prefer more mobility but less buoyancy while others may want better insulation from coldness yet not need extra support around their shoulders because these are smaller areas. 

It is also important to know what type of body shape and activity level best suits your needs. For example, are you scuba diving or surfing waves? You may want to consider if you are more focused on warmth within the water at an affordable cost, performance levels that will improve your experience when surfing, or something lightweight enough not to weigh you down and hinder any movement while swimming. All styles have their own benefits but most importantly choose one that fits well!

Wet suits are a great way to enjoy the water without getting chilly, and they come in every size imaginable. Whether you’re looking for something that’s stylish or competitively priced, there is sure to be one out there waiting for you!


Wearing a wet suit will keep you warm when the water is cold. Wet suits also keep you from getting sunburned and feeling uncomfortable in extreme conditions. If it’s your first time surfing, we recommend wearing a wetsuit to make sure that you have an enjoyable experience! We hope this blog post was helpful for understanding why it’s important to wear a wet suit while surfing.

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