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Weleda - Natural & Organic Skin Care

Weleda - Natural & Organic Skin Care - Beachin Surf

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Natural & Organic Skin Care

Since 1921

How to care for our deep roots?

Back in 1921 a philosophy was founded by Dr Rudolf Steiner, who sees the human body, mind, and spirit holistically. Steiner believed natural ingredients provide our bodies needs to be vibrant, beautiful, and healthy.

Weleda is a global leader for certified natural and organic skin care and anthroposophical medicines.

Always Natural

Weleda skin care is 100% certified natural and 81% of plant ingredients are classified as organic or biodynamic quality.

  • Authentic
  • Highest Quality
  • Natural & organic sourced ingredients
  • Biodiversity protection & sustainability
  • Fair trade & ethical

(Direct from the Weleda Catalogue)

At Beachin Surf we sell sustainable and ethically thought the business of Weleda. Here are some of the products we keep in stock;

  • Skin Food 48029
  • Moisture Cream for Men 48032
  • Nappy Change Cream 48031
  • Baby Teething Powder 48030
  • 24hr Roll-On Deodorant 49060