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Skateboarding shoes are becoming more and more popular here in Australia but also all around the globe. The skate shoes are not anymore only for people that go skateboarding but also for people that like to watch and follow skateboarding or for people that just like the look and the desing of skate shoes. Another reason why more and more people go for these shoes is the fact that most skateboarding shoes are made to last which makes them a great option when browsing through the options and what is on sale.

Therefore brands like Vans Skate Shoes, Globes Shoes, DC Skate Shoes, Oakley or Vans Skate Shoes are for many replacing Nike and Adidas for more and more people.

Those days when so many people try to find sale and offers and shop for shoes based on the sale price or look for the best offers are over.

People are also now looking more to find every aspect of the brand to help them take a close look at their products, filter and not only when it comes to a new skateboard top collection and new skateboarding shoes range from Vans, Kustom Skateboard Shoe or Globe Skate Shoes.


So what are the differences between Adidas running shoes and Globe or Emerica skateboarding shoes?

Both sports- running and skateboarding are very different. The skateboarding is very demanding on the shoes in general where the running needs a good quiality sole and comfortable fit the skateboarding shoes are built to last which might make the shoe more heavier give or take. The skateboarding shoes need to help to protect the foot from the impact and the material needs resistance against the skateboarding grip tape’s roughness and a longer lifespan than any other shoe exterior.


What to Look for When Buying Skateboard Shoes?

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Skate sneakers are expected to be decent footwear for skateboarders. The skateboarding shoes cannot be bulky as they can only cause troubles to the rider therefore the most popular style to use as skating sneakers is the low-top with high socks. Skating shoes of this type provide more room for the ankles movement and helping the rider be more active and flexible with the skateboard.

However at the same time high top shoes for skating are ideal if you want some stability and protection to your ankles. It can be perfect for some while being disturbing for others.

Quality of the materials

Skateboarding needs durable shoes no matter what are the skateboarder's level is and one of the most important things is the outside of the shoes.

The most popular material for skateboarding shoes is suede but not all suede materials are the same quality. Some are looking solid but get easily damaged and some other ones seem not as good but are solid enough for skating.

Besides its durability, suede fabric also add some nice finish to the shoes and with that the sneakers appear a bit more classy no matter if they are red, grey or black.

Sole types

There are many types of soles so let's check out those relevant for skateboarding.

  • Inner sole

The inner soles of the shoes are important factor for the comfort for the rider. Insoles are essential because they receive the most weight directly and with that, it’s necessary to find quality insoles, such as G6 foams.

  • Midsole

Midsoles work the same way as the inner layers. However, they differ in their sizes. Insoles come with a full size, which is the standard for sneakers and while half midsoles offer various benefits, the most popular type to use for skating shoes is full-length.

  • Outer sole

This layer does lots of hard work as it deals with all the contact to the ground and the board’s grip tape therefore we need to make sure the skateboarding shoes outer sole is from quiality materials when picking shoes.


The level of comfort of the skating shoes is not measured only on its insole. It’s also evident from the parts of the shoes surrounding the feet.

A good skateboarding shoes would also have thicker tongue to close the shoe and to protect your feet from the impact of the skateboard when doing tricks.


Like getting a skateboard or anything else also buying skateboarding shoes needs to live within your budget. That way, you will have enough for some skateboard accessories or other necessities. Good cheap new skate shoes need not exceed low $89.99. Some brands and models sort in the shop around mid $99.99 or 109.99, while others can sort as high as $119.99. So, be sure when shop you don’t settle for cheap skate shoes that cannot satisfy your need when you filter through the category.


Whether it is for you the brand like Globe, Adidas, Emerica or Vans here is the list of the best sellers shoes in our shop.

Vans SK8-HI- Black
  • filter style: high skate shoes for skateboarding, colour: black and white, collection: Vans signature waffle gumsole Vans flag pro labe skate

Check out rthe SK8 Hi Black Skate Shoes HERE

Vans SK8 Hi Black and White Original


DC Shoes Youth Striker Skateboarding Sneakers
  • filter style: low kids skateboarding globe shoes, colour: black and white or blue, yellow, green and brown, collection: Striker Sneakers skate shoes to give for kids to skateboard, sizes: children for boys and girls

Check out the DC Shoes Youth Striker Skate Sneakers HERE

DC Shoes Youth Striker Sneakers


Oakley Dry Shoes
  • filter style: low walking street and skate style shoes, color: black and white, range: Oakley dry range

Check out the Oakley Dry Shoes HERE

Oakley Dry Shoes in White in Beachin Surf Shop



We hope you learned a bit about skateshoes and what to look for while buying your new favorite skate shoes. As always the more comfortable you feel in your footwear more confident you are when skateboarding, walking around or travelling.

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