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What Is The Hardest Trick To Do On A Bodyboard?

What Is The Hardest Trick To Do On A Bodyboard? - Beachin Surf

Peter Harris |

What is the hardest trick to do on a bodyboard? How is the most difficult trick performed? The answer to the first question is the air roll spin or ARS for short. With that said, read on to find out why it’s hard, how to do it and other useful info about it. 

The Air Roll Spin is a combination of the aerial 360 Spin and the El Rollo. Michael Eppelstun invented the trick back in 1993. The inspiration for the ARS came after he watched a tweaked air reverse being performed by Ben Holland. 

The ARS: Why Is It Hard On A Bodyboard?

There’s several reasons why the ARS is the hardest trick to do on a bodyboard. For starters, riders need to pick up a lot of speed when they attempt it. Not only that, but they need the right amount of momentum. Perhaps the main reason why it’s so difficult to perform is because the rider has to spin inward and perform a half roll while they are facing the wave. 

How To Perform An Air Roll Spin

There are a number of steps involved when it comes to performing an air spin roll. Let’s break each step down below:

  1. Riders have to gain as much speed as possible, as well as get ready to perform a bottom turn. 
  2. Next, you have to choose the section you want to hit. It’s important for the rider to strongly focus on that section. 
  3. You want to make sure you keep your head at nose level, while at the same time leaning forward on the bodyboard. 
  4. Once you are in the proper position, you’ll need to tense your body. In order to gain as much projection as possible, you’ll need to flatten the board. 
  5. The board needs to be angled upwards, and then you’ll launch out of the lip. 
  6. Next, you’ll begin doing the El Rollo part of the trick. During this part, you’ll want to arch your head. 
  7. When you start making your way down, you’ll want to throw your head inwards towards the front of the wave. Next, you need to start spinning. 
  8. You then need to look where you want to go, and then you’ll centre your body while you keep your legs lifted. 
  9. Finally, you need to land the trick. If you land the ARS backwards, then you’ll want to let the whitewater flip you back around. You can do this by simply looking back. 

Tips & Advice

One of the things a rider can do to increase their chances of successfully landing an ARS is by keeping their legs together as they are getting ready to land. If the legs are too wide apart, then there’s a chance the rider will have a rough landing or they may come right off the board. Also, as they start to roll midair when they catch air, they should put a bit of force into their spin, which should be done in the direction of the wave’s face. 

Another useful tip for beginner riders is to attempt the ARS with small waves. The more they get used to small waves, the more confident they’ll be when the time comes to perform the ARS with bigger waves. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to perfect the El Rollo and/or the aerial 360.

As previously mentioned, the ARS is a combo of those two tricks, so performing an ARS will be easier if a rider can easily do one or both of those tricks with confidence. 

Final Thoughts

The ARS might be considered the hardest trick to perform on a bodyboard. However, the more practice one gets, the better they’ll get at it. Mastering the ARS is dependent on many factors, so make sure that you’re confident with the 360 spin and El Rollo as this will go a long way to helping you nail this unique bodyboard trick. 

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