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Why Should I Buy A Fibreglass Surfboard?

Why Should I Buy A Fibreglass Surfboard? - Beachin Surf

Peter Harris |

If you are a beginner, it is important to understand that buying a surfboard is not just about the look, the design, the colour, and the style. The board should be compatible with your level of experience, your weight, and the type of waves you are surfing.

There are many factors to consider before you decide if a fibreglass surfboard is the right board material for you. If you are unsure which level are you experience-wise ask yourself these questions:

  • What type of waves do I usually surf?
  • Do I go for unbroken waves or do I frequent shallow water surfing whitewash?
  • Do I surf different beaches (different waves)?
  • Can I paddle?

These factors and more are important to help you narrow down the best surfboard option for you. Make sure you give these questions plenty of thought before you make a surfboard purchase. Other considerations should be:

  • How Often Do You Surf – If you are a beginner that needs a lot of practice, you probably surf every day or a couple of times a week. This is an important factor to consider before buying a surfboard that is appropriate, not just for your skill level, but also for your progression.
  • Your Weight – Your body weight is an important factor to consider aside from the material, the length, and the width. Consult your board experts if you aren’t sure. 
  • Try Before You Buy – try out different boards for a test run. See which ones you are comfortable with. It is better to experience the wave with different boards first before settling for the ONE.

Why Choose A Fibreglass Surfboard?

According to most professional surfers, fibreglass boards offer the best performance out of all board materials because they are smooth and feel very natural in the water. 

  • Better Performance – Fibreglass boards have a better flex out in the water and have outstanding shock-absorbing qualities making the wave ride smoother for the surfer. The fibreglass gives the board and the surfer strength to overcome any buckling on bigger, stronger waves.
  • Durable – Fibreglass boards are made of polyurethane so they are very durable and built to last. Just be careful not to drop them.
  • Affordable – polyurethane is a cheap material making fibreglass boards much cheaper than epoxy and wooden boards.
  • Catches Waves Better – Fibreglass surfboards can withstand strong, powerful waves and still allow you to enjoy a smooth ride.


Ask The Experts

The best resource to guide you on the right choice of surfboard is the professionals. Experience and expert knowledge is your best guide. Ask your surfing instructor if you have one because they have a better insight on your skill level and your progress. 

You can also come and visit our shop and talk to our experts. They will guide you and help you narrow down your choices.


Important Reminders In Taking Care Of Your Fibreglass Surfboards

  • Rinse off your surfboard every after use. Keep it clean and dry.
  • Keep it cool after using. Do not let it bake in the sun when not in use.
  • Do not store your surfboards standing up. Store it lying flat on the ground or on a flat surface.
  • Use a surf bag when storing or travelling. It offers added protection from natural elements and accidents. 
  • Be careful not to drop your board. Fibreglass is fragile and can easily crack if dropped or a heavy object is dropped on top of it.

Avoid Buying Second Hand Fibreglass Surfboards

Unless you know the previous owner and are 100% sure that the board was well-kept, do not buy second-hand boards. If you do, you will most likely end up buying broken or improperly repaired boards. 

A surfboard is an investment. Do not sacrifice quality over price. The good thing about fibreglass boards is that they are durable and you will not need to buy another one for years if you take care of it properly.

At Beachin Surf, you can find the best surfboards with our huge range of surfboard designs. For custom pieces or if you want to see the items in person, come and visit our shop at 262 Maine Road, Toukley, NSW. We are happy to show you around and assist you in finding your dream board.