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Best Skateboards For Street Skateboarding

Best Skateboards For Street Skateboarding - Beachin Surf

Peter Harris |

Do you love the simplicity of cruising around your neighbourhood on your skateboard? Is street skateboarding the ultimate leisure activity that you run to whenever you are bored or free?

If skateboards and street skateboarding are your thing, you probably want to know what are some of the best skateboards for street skateboarding?

In order to enjoy street skateboarding to the fullest, you’ll need a skateboard that can withstand wear and tear. You’ll also need a skateboard that can do well on a wide variety of terrain. Finding a street skateboard with all the right parts and specifications may sound difficult.

However, it’s actually not that hard. To give an idea of what to look for, here are some common specifications of a typical skateboard for street skateboarding:

Boards With A Deck Width Between 8.0 And 8.25 Inches 

Street skateboarding requires a high level of precision and manoeuvrability. You will need to make sharp turns on tight corners as well as skate alongside moving traffic which means that you’ll need a very responsive board.

Narrow boards tend to be more responsive and agile, which is why they are used in many professional skateboarding events. A board with a deck width between 8.0 and 8.25 is ideal for street skateboarding.

You should also think about the concave angle of your deck. A high or medium concave will enable you to showcase your street skateboarding skills more easily.

Boards With Small And Hard Wheels

It goes without saying that a skateboard designed for street skateboarding should have hard and sturdy wheels. This is because, unlike skateboarding in a park or on ramps, skateboarding on tarmac roads and other rough terrains can take its toll on a skateboard.

The part of your skateboard that makes contact with the ground surface is the wheels. For this reason, the wheels need to be fairly hard and sturdy.

They also need to be small in order to lower your centre of gravity. A lower centre of gravity improves your stability and handling. With that said, it’s preferable to go with wheels that measure between 50 and 53 mm.

For softness, go with boards that have a softness rating of between 96A and 100A. You can experiment with various boards to find the exact specifications that fit your needs.

Boards With Low And Tight Trucks

Generally, low trucks are more agile and responsive when compared to high trucks. It’s not easy to do flip tricks with a high-truck skateboard. A low truck helps you stay close to the ground which, as already mentioned, improves your stability and handling. 

There’s a lot more to street skateboards than just the above specifications. There are various other features that a great skateboard for street skateboarding should have.

Things To Avoid

The first thing you should be on the lookout for when buying a skateboard for street skateboarding is soft and large wheels. These specifications are definitely a no-go zone if you are looking for a good street skateboard.

Large wheels are excellent for transition skateboarding but not for street skateboarding. Small and hard wheels help you accelerate faster and make your skateboard more responsive.

Because of the rough and hardcore nature of street skateboarding, it’s highly advisable to go with an overall sturdy board. You should therefore avoid boards made from weak and low grade materials. Such boards can easily break or chip while performing street tricks so it’s best to avoid them.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the best skateboards for street skateboarding are made from high-quality parts and materials that focus on performance, safety, as well as durability. 

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