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Surfing Hacks For Real Surfers

Surfing Hacks For Real Surfers - Beachin Surf

Peter Harris |

Do you love surfing? Are you interested in learning some amazing surfer hacks that can take your surfing game to the next level? If yes – you are definitely in the right place!

More often than not, surfers have to travel long distances to find the perfect spot with vigorous waves. This means that most surfers are avid travellers as well. Learning how to manoeuvre huge waves while also travelling from one beach to another in search of the perfect surfing experience may sound fun and exciting, but it requires a lot of preparation and planning. 

Learning a couple of simple surfer hacks can help you enjoy your surfing sessions to the fullest. These hacks are basically tips and tricks that most surfers ignore or take years to learn. Luckily, you don’t have to wait that long as we will share these simple, unique and effective hacks with you below. 

When you are going out to surf, there are a couple of basic things that you should always have. There are the obvious things like your surfboard and wetsuit, but there are some other less obvious things that you should always have on you. 

  1. Always Have Some Wax

Pro surfers should always have some surfboard wax when going out to surf. Don’t be one of those surfers who always forget to carry their surfwax and ends up asking fellow surfers for smudges of wax every time. 

As a surfer, you know very well that you’ll need some surf wax at some point in time. For this reason, it’s advisable to stash some wax in your car’s glove box, in your shorts or beach bags.

  1. Carry A Jumper Or Jacket Just In Case

Real surfers know that the weather can change pretty quickly when out in the water. One minute the sun is shining bright, and the next clouds are forming above and it’s drizzling all over. You don’t want to catch a cold due to your favorite hobby. 

Most surfers carry towels to the beach, but many don’t remember to carry jumpers just in case it gets cold or you end up surfing late into the night. A jumper or jacket can help you stay warm after spending long hours in the cold water.

  1. Food/Snacks and Water

A true surfing session is not complete without some food and snacks. What good is it to come out of the water hungry and find there is no food or snacks for you to enjoy on the beach. A few chocolate bars or a simple sandwich can help you regain your energy after a long surfing session.

Also, it’s important to carry plenty of clean and fresh water with you when going to the beach. Many surfers suffer from dehydration after surfing because of being exposed to the scorching hot sun. Don’t ruin your surfing experience by forgetting to carry a bottle of water with you. Water will keep you hydrated and vibrant so that you can have as much fun as possible.

  1. Camera/Phone

A surf trip is not complete without taking some cool pictures and videos of you riding those sensational  ocean waves. Most professionals surfers own DSLR cameras or high-res camera phones for capturing beautiful images of themselves surfing. 

Don’t be that surfer who forgets to carry their camera with them while going out to surf. A camera will help you document all those fun times you will have with your surf buddies and friends. A waterproof smartphone can also come in handy if you want to listen to some tunes while surfing the waves so that you don’t get bored while you are in the water. 

Or if you want to take it to another level, purchase a go pro so you can capture yourself and your friend right in the thick of the action. And if you do purchase one, don’t forget to bring it with you! Make sure it stays close to your surfing gear so it’s not easy to forget.

Hopefully, these simple surfer hacks will help make your next surfing session a more memorable and enjoyable experience.

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