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The Reason You Nose-Dive When Trying To Catch Big Waves

The Reason You Nose-Dive When Trying To Catch Big Waves - Beachin Surf

Peter Harris |

Would you like to understand why you and your surfboard nose-dive on big waves? You may have noticed it happening more often than usual, especially if you encounter more big waves than you usually would. There are several reasons this might happen to you, but the good news is that you can take steps to avoid running into this issue when you go out into the water again.

Larger Waves Move At Faster Speeds

When a wave is much larger, it will move at a faster rate of speed. If it is moving faster, that means you will need to pick up the pace, paddling as fast as you can. If you cannot swim fast enough to reach the wave, you will miss out or potentially nose-dive instead of catching the wave and riding it out.

You Are Not Properly Positioned On The Board

When you do not position yourself properly on the surfboard, you could end up nose-diving instead of catching the wave. Even the most experienced surfers can make mistakes at times. If you are too close to the front of your board, the weight of your body could pull you forward while preventing you from catching the wave as it passes in front of you.

While you do need to stand closer to the front of the board, you need to make sure you are not putting all of your weight on the front of it. You need to try to evenly distribute your weight by standing forward while leaning your upper body back just a bit. 

You Are Heading Toward The Wave A Bit Late

If you start paddling a bit late, you could miss the wave or nose-dive when trying to catch it. Try to be aware of all the waves happening around you while you are in the water. As soon as you start to see the wave picking up and heading in your direction, start paddling in that direction, but try to do so on an angle so that you will have an even better chance of catching it in full force and riding it out until the end.

Always Make Sure To Turn

While you need to paddle forward to get closer to the wave as it starts to come your way, you will also need to make sure that you turn yourself and your board on an angle. You should turn to about 45 degrees when trying to catch a wave and ride it.

If you are not adjusting your position and turning on an angle, you will continue to have issues nose-diving into the wave instead of getting on it and riding it out for as long as you possibly can. You may want to practice this technique on smaller waves until you get the hang of it. Once you get used to making a slight turn, it will become a habit that you get used to doing in the water.

Final Thoughts

You may have struggled to catch large waves, nose-diving each time you attempt to ride one. Although this is a common issue that surfers run into when trying to catch those bigger waves that are more exciting, you can take steps to avoid this problem. There is a possibility that you were not correctly positioned on your board or that you were headed toward the wave a bit too late.

However, if you follow the helpful tips mentioned above, you can stop nose-diving and catch more waves. You will get to have the time of your life enjoying the water by yourself or with friends who enjoy surfing just as much as you do.

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