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Is Bodyboarding Easier To Learn Than Surfing?

Is Bodyboarding Easier To Learn Than Surfing? - Beachin Surf

Peter Harris |

Are you thinking about making your trips to the beach more exciting? If so, surfing and bodyboarding are great ways to do this. In fact, expect to spend even more time in the ocean once you feel comfortable on a surf or bodyboard. However, is bodyboarding easier to learn than surfing? And if so, why? 

When you compare the different approaches, then yes, bodyboarding should be easier to learn than surfing. But this does not mean the experience is any less thrilling. Whether you are standing or laying down, every wave provides a unique high you are bound to get addicted to. Now you probably wonder why bodyboarding is easier? In short, the main factors that make bodyboarding easier are based on: 

  • Standing vs laying down
  • Navigation and mobility 
  • More confidence when catching waves 

  1. Standing vs Laying Down   

One of the most apparent differences between surfing and bodyboarding is your position. When you surf, it is critical to keep your feet on the surfboard and above the water. Bodyboarding, on the other hand, requires you to lay down and use your feet in the water. So, with the latter, you do not have to worry so much about maintaining balance. 

Keep in mind that bodyboards are smaller than surfboards, which make it easy to put your legs in the water. At the same time, you can grab onto the front of the bodyboard for stability (when you are not paddling). For those who are just learning, the bodyboarding position is much less intimidating. 

  1. Navigation And Mobility 

Another aspect to consider is how easy it is to steer and turn. Once again, these actions are tricky on a surfboard because you only have your weight and knees to work with. Steering while you surf is all about bending your knees and shifting your weight.

However, on a bodyboard, you are flat on your stomach and in the perfect position to use your limbs. With your feet and arms in the water, steering becomes much easier. 

Add to this the time it takes to turn, then bodyboarding takes another leap forward as the easier choice. Turning on a surfboard is not going to happen as quickly as when you bodyboard.  

  1. More Confidence When Catching Waves 

No matter how you look at it, beginners on a bodyboard are much more confident about catching waves and developing their skills. This is because they have more control over the situation, and they can focus more on enjoying the experience rather than worry about falling off. 

The level of confidence you have when learning any new skill will hugely influence how quickly you master it. With bodyboarding, you can expect to be more confident and comfortable because you have more control and may even be able to perform some tricks.

Why Do People Surf When Bodyboarding Is Easier? 

Even though surfing and bodyboarding will both provide a gratifying experience, some individuals love the challenge associated with surfing. The extra discipline surfing takes motivates these individuals to achieve that ultimate gratification of riding a monster wave – standing up. However, many are happy riding waves with more control, which truly separates surfing from bodyboarding

A Quick Tip For Beginners 

Do you want to make your learning experience easier? Regardless of whether you want to surf or bodyboard, it is recommended to start with the right gear. For example, going into the ocean on a board you are not familiar or comfortable with can end up discouraging you from trying again. Everyone is different, which means you need to invest in gear suited for your surfing or bodyboarding needs. 

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