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Best Skateboards For Performing Tricks

Best Skateboards For Performing Tricks - Beachin Surf

Peter Harris |

Skateboarding is both a fun activity and an amazing sport. Doing tricks on a skateboard can make your skateboarding experience even more fun and exciting. However, to be able to perform a wide variety of tricks with ease, you need a skateboard that is built for performance and professional use. 

Now, you may be wondering what are the best skateboards for performing tricks? Well, to answer this question, we explain several features of skateboards that are specifically built for skateboarders who wish to push the limits of skateboarding.

  1. Wheels

Skateboards come with a wide variety of wheels. Some come with big wheels, others come with small wheels. Some come with hard wheels, others come with soft wheels. Most skateboard wheels are made from polyurethane material. This material is available in different grades and quality.

Cheap skateboards typically come with low-quality wheels that are made from low-grade polyurethane material. With that said, it is important to consider the quality of the wheels on your skateboard because wheels have a huge impact on performance. Apart from wheel quality, you should also consider other factors such as:

– Shape

The best wheels for performing tricks are classical shaped, conical and radial shaped wheels. Wheels that are too round or too square are not recommended.

– Rebound or bounce rate

Rebound or bounce rates deal with the level of deformation of the wheels while skateboarding. Bounce rate is greatly influenced by the softness or hardness of the wheels. Soft wheels typically have a higher bounce rate and can easily become deformed, while hard wheels have a lower bounce rate and are really snappy. The best skateboards for performing tricks have low bounce rates. This allows them to have a quick response. 

– Hardness

Hard wheels may be less suitable for typical skateboarding on streets and roads, but they are great for performing tricks because they have a low rebound or bounce rate.

– Diameter

The smaller the diameter, the more effective your wheels will be when doing tricks on your skateboard. Smaller wheels are better at doing tricks because; they easily grind to rails, are lighter and easier to pop, more responsive and have faster acceleration.

  1. Trucks

When it comes to trucks, professional skateboarders have been known to prefer Thunder trucks as they offer greater responsiveness and more grinding options. Also, bushings can have an impact on trucks responsiveness.

As you may have already guessed, responsiveness is very important when doing tricks on a skateboard. A responsive skateboard will allow you to turn, flip or pop your skateboard within milliseconds. Thunder trucks are the best trucks for performance or technical skateboarding.

For professional skateboarding, many people go for low trucks. Low trucks are excellent for performing tricks because they give your skateboard a lower centre of gravity. You can easily do tricks and pop your board with low trucks.

  1. Shapes And Decks

The size and width of your deck will have a huge impact on performance. Wider decks tend to be more stable while narrower decks offer higher responsiveness. For performance skateboards, it’s recommended that you go with an 8.0 inch deck. You can remove or add 0.25 inches from this depending on your personal preference. However, you should ensure that the deck is made from quality materials such as high-grade maple wood.

– Single Pressed

Also, make sure the deck is single-pressed. Multiple decks that are pressed into one often cause problems during skateboarding.

– Concave

The best skateboards for performing tricks have a mellow concave. 

– Tail and Nose

The tail and nose height and shape help you to flip and pop your deck. You should also consider the tail and nose when choosing a skateboard for technical or professional skateboarding.

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