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What Are The Best Longboards For Cruising

What Are The Best Longboards For Cruising - Beachin Surf

Peter Harris |

Do you love cruising on your skateboard? Are you looking for the best longboards for cruising? Here are the best longboards you should consider if you want to go cruising. 

  1. Volador 42 Inch Complete Cruiser Longboard 

This is an ideal longboard for cruising. With fast responsiveness and great accuracy when turning, it’s ideal for all the cruisers out there. It comes with a large deck, about 42 inches long, and is shock absorbent making it perfect for all riders. The deck is made up of 8 ply maple wood thereby making it sturdy and high-quality. Also, the board is considered eco-friendly since it’s made up of eco-friendly epoxy that holds the maple deck together.

With this longboard, you can adjust the truck’s baseplate angle so you can use the 2 settings at two ends. The size of the wheels is 70 mm and the longboard features a durometer of 80A. The hardness of the wheels makes it perfect for cruising. The wheels are white in colour so they might not be ideal for everyone. However, you can use the longboard for downhill, freeride or board-walking besides cruising.

There are so many colours and styles to choose from when it comes to the Volador 42-inch complete cruiser longboard. As such, it can guarantee a great cruising experience for various enthusiasts at the most affordable prices. It is an ideal longboard for heavier riders since it comes with plenty of standing space for controlling and monitoring the board effectively. 

  1. Quest Super Cruiser 44’’ Longboard 

The deck materials on this longboard are 7-ply maple with a reinforced layer of bamboo at the bottom thereby making it a very unique longboard for cruising. It’s also a very durable longboard that comes with a classic pintail shape. It’s also a great longboard for beginners to cruising. Note that, pintail longboards are longer that’s why this longboard features 44’’ long.

When you buy the Quest Super Cruiser 44’’ longboard for the first time, you will notice that the trucks often arrive loose. You need to tighten them to enjoy more stability. The longboard is also ideal for newbies because it’s made out of aluminium. The trucks have double-cone bushings allowing you to turn the longboard as hard as you need to. Of course, you can’t do a lot of tricks with these bushings but you should enjoy the safety and comfort that comes with the board.

The longboard features 70mm polyurethane wheels and the 80A hardness allowing them to roll as quickly as possible. It’s an ideal longboard for soft roads since it’s not designed to handle a lot of obstacles as you are cruising. As you improve, you need to change the bearings on the trucks but the longboard works perfectly as it is.

If you want to enjoy better control with the longboard, you should use the kicktail feature and the concave allowing you to plant your feet on the board securely. It comes in a larger size so you have a lot of space for your feet. Remember, longboard cruising is mostly about safety and stability so the Quest Super Cruiser 44’’ longboard offers all that and more. 

Since the longboard is made out of high-quality materials, you can buy it as a beginner and use it as you advance your skills effortlessly. It offers great value for your money as well as exceptional turning capabilities. 


Choosing the right longboard for cruising might seem like an overwhelming and daunting choice. However, with the right factors in consideration such as the quality of materials, the features and the length make it an easy choice. If you are looking for an ideal longboard for cruising the Quest Super Cruiser 44’’ Longboard and Volador 42 Inch Complete Cruiser Longboard are ideal choices. 

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