Fish Surfboards and Funboards

Fish Surfboards have unique performance characteristics that make them a must have in anyone's quiver. They are easy to paddle, forgiving, and fast down the line and can be found with varying fin configurations like the twin keel or quad fin set ups. Fish boards are often viewed as All Rounders due to their versatility.

Popular Fish/ Funboards models include the Firewire Machado Seaside or The Angler from The Critical Slide Society


Fish/ Funboards

Nugget Xf


Hs Hypto Krypto - Clear




Salt Gypsy - Shorebird


Black Bean Xe


Dominator 2.0


Superfish 4 Pu


Lost Puddle Jumper Hp


Aloha Keel Twin Fish




Hypto Krypto Futureflex


Machado Seaside Ii


Hs Hypto Krypto Futureflex - Pampass


Slater Designs Sci-Fi 2.0 Groms


The Angler - Pu


Twice Baked


Tet Mod Fish


Sunday Machado


Seaside And Beyond


Elemnt- Twin Fish


El Tomo Lft