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Hybrids/ All Rounders

Hybrids/ All Rounder Surfboards 

Hybrid Surfboards are boards that are more often than not designed to be either a little more forgiving and paddle better. A hybrid surfboard will handle a broader range of wave conditions than your conventional Performance Surfboards, hence why it is often given the name All-Rounder. Whilst it's hard to tie these boards into the one description because they're all so different, something they are all designed to do is cover more bases than one. If you're looking to have that one board quiver then these are the boards for you.


Some popular hybrid surfboards include the infamous Haydenshapes - Hypto Krypto. Another board which has hit the spotlight, due to John John Florence, is the Pyzel - Ghost, a board that John rides in almost everything. It may also be worth checking out the Firewire Flat Earth which is designed as the one board weapon for last minute travels.