Junior Dawn Patrol Short Sleeve 2/2mm | RIP CURL | Beachin Surf
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Junior Dawn Patrol Short Sleeve 2/2mm


Rip Curl Boys Dawn Patrol 2mm Short Sleeve Spring Suit is the bees-knees of kids surfing wetsuits and is perfect for any grom looking for something to get them through those transitional months where a steamer can be overkill. A full length 3/2mm or thicker is ideal in winter, but sometimes you need that in-between cut and thickness to feel comfortable in the water in longer sessions. With the same super flexible and light E5 neoprene as it’s Dawn Patrol steamer counterparts, the 2mm Dawn Patrol Spring Suit solves this problem. It’s also a great way to get some added cushioning between you and the board for more comfortable paddling.

You’ll also notice you feel more freed up in a springie, and that essentially comes down to there being less neoprene holding you back. In a steamer, regardless of flexibility, when you move to paddle, pop up, turn or whatever it may be, you’ve got to stretch the wetsuit’s neoprene to match your movements. In this cut of wettie, your elbows and knees are totally free so this shouldn’t be nearly as big an issue. Regardless, stretchy E5 neoprene makes this wetty the right choice for surfing applications.