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Do I Need To Wear A Wetsuit When Surfing In Summer?

Do I Need To Wear A Wetsuit When Surfing In Summer?

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Do you need to wear a wetsuit when surfing in summer? This is a question that must have crossed your mind especially if you are new to surfing or are having trouble finding the right wetsuit. Well, to answer this question, we must first take a look at how wetsuits work and what are the benefits of wearing them in general. Wetsuits are actually very useful. This is why many surfers love their back zips and front-entry suits to the point that they cannot go surfing without them.

Purpose and Uses of Wetsuits

Wetsuits are generally meant to keep you warm while swimming or surfing. They do this by trapping water between your body and your wetsuit. This thin layer of water or moisture traps the heat that your body produces and ensures that it does not escape. 

Essentially, your wetsuit does not produce any heat or warmth. It’s your body that does that. Wetsuits also help protect your body and skin from the strong water currents and waves. Depending on the thickness of your suit, you get varying degrees of protection from the huge splashes and darts of water hitting your body.

Do I Need To Wear A Wetsuit When Surfing In Summer?

Now that we know what wetsuits are used for and how they work, the next big issue that we need to tackle is whether or not you really need to wear a wetsuit when surfing in summer. As you already know, summer days are bright, sunny, hot, and not to mention long. 

Now, if a wetsuit helps to keep you warm, do you really need it if you are surfing on a hot and sunny day? Well, the simplest answer to this question is no, you do not. However, as we have highlighted above, wetsuits do more than just keep you warm.

Also, whether or not you wear a wetsuit is solely dependent on your personal preferences and your tolerance to different water temperatures. The most important thing is that you ensure that you are appropriately dressed for the temperature of the water. It also depends where in Australia you are surfing because even though it may be hot, the water temperature can still be quite cold.

You should also ensure that you are comfortable with your choice of attire when surfing. There are actually plenty of dressing options when it comes to swimming and surfing. You can choose to wear your wetsuit or go with other options like dry suits, jammers, swimsuits, board shorts and many others.

Pros Of Wearing A Wetsuit

– Wetsuits help to keep you warm in cold and freezing water.

– Wetsuits are flexible.

– Wetsuits come in many different designs, styles and sizes.

– They look great on most body types.

– Wetsuits can help you float when surfing or swimming.

– Wetsuits help to reduce the impact of waves on your body and skin.

Cons Of Wearing A Wetsuit

– Wetsuits can be difficult to take on and take off especially if you are in a hurry.

– Wetsuits are more suitable for surfing than swimming.

– Wetsuits come with special maintenance and washing instructions. Most cannot be machine washed.

– Some wetsuits can be costly.

– Some people are allergic to the fabric material used to make wetsuits. In such cases, they can develop rashes and other skin irritations. 


As you can already tell, the pros of wearing a wetsuit outweigh the cons. While wearing a wetsuit in summer may not be necessary, it’s still advisable to wear your favourite wetsuit when going surfing as you will feel more comfortable and confident to ride waves and enjoy your surfing experience.

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