What Is A Safe Age For Children To Start Skateboarding?

by Peter Harris on July 10, 2022


Skateboarding is a leisure and sporting activity that both kids and adults can engage in for fun and recreation. Skateboarding can be so much fun that some parents may want to introduce their children to this amazing sport at a very young age. Here is where the big question comes up.

What is a safe age for children to start skateboarding? This is by no means an easy question to answer because like most sports, skateboarding does not have a strict age minimum for kids to start. 

Recommended Age

There is an unwritten rule in the skateboarding world and community that kids under the age of 5 should not be allowed to skateboard. Children under the age of 5 are considered toddlers. Most toddlers do not have the mental capacity and common sense to jump on a board and exercise the necessary precautions. For this reason, skateboarding is not considered appropriate for kids in this age group.

This does not mean that all parents adhere to this recommended age. Some parents start introducing their kids to skateboards from as early as 2 years. This is very risky and uncalled for. A toddler will have more than enough time to skateboard when they are older.

Ages 6 To 10

Ages 6 to 10 is considered one of the best times to introduce a child to skateboarding. Children in this age bracket are known to be fast learners. They can quickly and easily grasp any sporting activity that they find interesting. Parents who are really keen on their children learning how to skate should buy them a skateboard at this point.

There are a couple of things that parents must pay attention to. Children in this age group should preferably skate under adult supervision. This is just a precautionary measure in order to mitigate risks and avoid worst case scenarios.

10 Years And Above

If you are a really cautious parent, you may probably wait until your child is older in order for them to start skateboarding. Children aged 10 years and above can start skateboarding without any worries or concerns. Parents are advised to speak to their children on the importance of exercising safety and always being alert while skating. This can go a long way in keeping your child safe especially if they’re skating on public roads and pavements.

All in all, anyone who is 10 years and older can begin skateboarding without any help. Even grown-up adults in their 30s and 40s can take up skateboarding as a newly found hobby. There may be a lower-age limit on when you can start, but there is absolutely no upper-age limit whatsoever.


Regardless of the age a person begins their skateboarding journey, there are certain safety precautions that cut across skaters no matter how old they are. For starters, it’s always advisable to wear certain safety gear such as a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist guards when skateboarding. This is very important due to the various risks involved in this activity.


It’s important to point out some of the dangers of children starting this sport at a very young age (younger than 5 years). Skateboarders, including professional skateboarding, often sustain numerous injuries such as scratches, bruises, and even broken bones.

In worst-case scenarios, skaters can sustain serious injuries such as concussions and other head injuries. Such injuries can be fatal or life-changing for toddlers and very young children. For this reason, children under the age of 5 should not be allowed to skateboard. Also, children between the age of 6 and 10 should only skate under strict adult supervision.

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